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The Hoover® IMPULSE™ Cordless Vacuum redefines cleaning with its swift and convenient design, catering to the dynamic needs of on-the-go families. Weighing under 6 lbs., this vacuum excels in maneuverability with enhanced swivel steering, effortlessly handling unexpected messes on any surface. Its fade-free lithium-ion battery delivers powerful, uninterrupted cordless cleaning, while a removable handheld vacuum and versatile tool pack provide quick pick-ups and access to challenging spaces. The Hoover Dashboard offers intuitive control, and the double-tap trigger ensures continuous cleaning power.

Crafted for multi-floor use, the IMPULSE™ effortlessly transitions between hard floors and area rugs. With features like the easy-to-clean brush roll, easy-empty dirt cup, and a comprehensive tool pack, maintenance is a breeze. Convenient wall mounting ensures grab-and-go readiness, complemented by the option for easy and flexible wall charging. In summary, the Hoover® IMPULSE™ is the epitome of efficiency, combining lightweight design, powerful performance, and a suite of features to deliver an optimal cleaning experience for today’s fast-paced lifestyles.

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The Hoover® IMPULSE™ Cordless Vacuum is designed to offer a swift and convenient cleaning solution for busy families always on the move. Its compact and easily storable nature makes it particularly well-suited for small spaces. This all-encompassing vacuum boasts a versatile, compact design that encompasses everything you need in one efficient package. Weighing just under 6lbs., the IMPULSE™ comes equipped with enhanced swivel steering, allowing for quick and efficient cleanup of unexpected messes on any surface. The inclusion of a removable handheld vacuum and an array of tools further enhances its functionality, making it perfect for impromptu cleanups and reaching challenging areas like corners and crevices. Fueled by a potent, fade-free lithium-ion battery, the Hoover® IMPULSE delivers a potent, cordless cleaning experience that’s both fast and versatile.

 Cordless Convenience On the Go

The Hoover® IMPULSE™ Cordless Vacuum prides itself on providing grab-and-go cordless convenience, ensuring that you can swiftly address unexpected messes on various surfaces. This feature is especially valuable for individuals with dynamic lifestyles who require a vacuum that can keep up with their on-the-go needs.

Lightweight & Maneuverable Design

Weighing in at less than 6 lbs., the IMPULSE™ is crafted with a lightweight and steerable design that allows for easy maneuverability under and around furniture. This design element is tailored to simplify the cleaning process, ensuring that users can effortlessly navigate their vacuum through different spaces for a thorough cleaning experience.

Multi-Floor Cleaning Capability

The IMPULSE™ is not confined to a specific flooring type; it is engineered for multi-floor cleaning, making it an ideal choice for both hard floors and area rugs. This adaptability ensures that the vacuum can seamlessly transition between surfaces, delivering consistent and efficient cleaning results.

Powerful, Fade-Free Lithium Battery

At the heart of the Hoover® IMPULSE™ is its fade-free lithium-ion battery, providing long-lasting cordless power. This powerful battery ensures that the vacuum maintains its performance throughout the cleaning process, allowing users to tackle their cleaning tasks without interruption.

Removable Handheld Vacuum for Quick Pick Ups

The convenience of the IMPULSE™ extends with its removable handheld vacuum, which detaches effortlessly for quick pick-ups and easy access to tight spaces. This feature is particularly useful for addressing smaller messes and reaching areas that may be challenging for a full-sized vacuum.

Hoover Dashboard for Optimized Cleaning

The Hoover Dashboard is a user-friendly interface that indicates the selected mode and power level. This feature optimizes the cleaning process by providing users with real-time information, allowing them to adjust settings for maximum efficiency based on their specific cleaning needs.

Continuous Cleaning Power with Double Tap Trigger

The double-tap trigger ensures continuous cleaning power, streamlining the cleaning process for a more efficient and effective experience. This innovative feature allows users to maintain consistent cleaning power, minimizing the effort required for thorough results.

Easy Clean Brush Roll and Dirt Cup

The IMPULSE™ is designed for hassle-free maintenance with features such as the easy-to-release brush roll and the easy-empty dirt cup. The brush roll can be effortlessly released with the push of a button, while the dirt cup facilitates quick and convenient disposal of collected debris with the simple push of a button.

Multipurpose Tools for Versatile Cleaning

The IMPULSE™ comes equipped with a comprehensive tool pack designed to handle any unexpected mess. These multipurpose tools enhance the vacuum’s versatility, ensuring that users have the right accessory for various cleaning challenges.

 Wall Mount for Convenient Storage

For users seeking convenient storage solutions, the wall mount feature of the IMPULSE™ allows for easy hanging and accessibility. This ensures that the vacuum is always grab-and-go ready, ready to tackle cleaning tasks whenever the need arises.

Easy & Convenient Wall Charging

The IMPULSE™ offers flexibility with its easy and convenient wall charging option. Users can choose to charge the battery directly on the unit or use the wall mount for a hassle-free charging experience. This adaptability ensures that the vacuum is always ready for use, providing users with the convenience they need.

In summary, the Hoover® IMPULSE™ Cordless Vacuum is a testament to convenience, efficiency, and versatility. With its lightweight design, powerful lithium-ion battery, and a myriad of features, it caters to the needs of busy households, ensuring a seamless and effective cleaning experience. Whether it’s quick pick-ups, reaching tight spaces, or transitioning between different floor types, the IMPULSE™ is designed to meet the diverse cleaning requirements of modern lifestyles.

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