Here’s What to Do if You Drop Your Phone / Smart Device in Water.

Here’s What to Do if You Drop Your Phone / Smart Device in Water.


We’ve all been there – that heart-stopping moment when your beloved smartphone takes an unexpected plunge into the water. Whether it’s the sink, toilet, pool, or puddle, a waterlogged phone can feel like a nightmare. But fret not! In this friendly and natural guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to rescue your soaked device and bring it back to life. So, take a deep breath, and let’s get started.

Step 1: Act Fast

As soon as your phone / Smart Device or Laptop / Tablet makes contact with water, time becomes your most precious asset. The quicker you act, the better the chances of saving your device. Start by removing it from the water source immediately. Every second counts.

Step 2: Power Down

If your phone is still on, power it down ASAP. Press and hold the power button until it turns off or press volume up, volume down, and button all 3 at the same time for 11sec it will power off. This will help prevent any short circuits that could occur if water seeps into the internal components.

Step 3: Remove the Case and SIM Card

Take off the phone case and remove the SIM card, memory card, and any other removable accessories. This step will allow you to assess the extent of the damage more effectively and prevent any potential corrosion.

Step 4: Dry the Exterior

Use a clean and dry cloth or paper towel to gently pat your phone’s exterior dry. Be sure to pay extra attention to the ports, buttons, and crevices. Do use heat sources like hairdryers. DONT NOT USE microwaves, as excessive heat can damage your phone further and blow up your phone. you must use a hairdryer 5 6 times over the time of 2 hours with given a gap of 10 minutes time each.

Step 5: Shake It Out (Gently)

Give your phone a few gentle shakes to help remove any trapped water from the ports and openings. Be cautious not to shake it too vigorously; we want to dislodge water, not send it deeper into the device.

Step 6: The Rice Trick

Now, it’s time for the old but reliable rice trick. Don’t fall for that fake trick. The Rice will not suck the water from inside your phone only dr

Step 7: Avoid Temptation

While you wait for your phone to dry, resist the temptation to turn it on to check if it’s working. Patience is key at this stage. Turning on a wet phone can cause further damage and might be the final nail in the coffin.

Step 8: Check for Signs of Life

After the 2-day waiting period, remove your phone from the towel or cloths, or silica gel. Inspect it closely for any visible signs of moisture or water residue. Pay attention to the screen, camera lens, and ports. If you spot any lingering moisture, repeat steps 4 to 7 until your device is completely dry. if it doen’t then take it to a local tech or bring it to us.

Step 9: Power Up

Now comes the moment of truth. Power on your phone and see if it works. If it boots up without any issues, congratulations – you’ve successfully resurrected your device! However, if it doesn’t respond or behaves strangely, it’s time to consider professional help.

Step 10: Seek Professional Assistance

If your phone remains unresponsive despite your best efforts, it’s best to consult a professional technician or visit an authorized service center. They may be able to salvage your device or retrieve important data.

Prevention Tips

While accidents happen, it’s essential to take precautions to avoid future water-related mishaps:

  1. Invest in a waterproof phone case.
  2. Be mindful around water bodies like pools, lakes, and sinks Beach.
  3. Keep your phone in a secure pocket or pouch when near water.
  4. Avoid using your phone with wet hands.
  5. Avoid using your phone when it’s raining or showing.


Dropping your phone in water can be a heart-wrenching experience, but with quick action and the right steps, you can often rescue your device. Remember, time is of the essence, so don’t delay in taking action. And once your phone is back in working order, consider safeguarding it with a waterproof case to prevent future accidents. With a little care and a lot of patience, you can turn a waterlogged disaster into a success story.