Smart Phone Long Selfie Stick with Light + Tripod + Remote

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103cm Length: Enjoy the freedom of free adjustable length, catering to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re capturing a group photo or a personal selfie, the 103cm length provides versatility for any situation.

Tripod + Wireless Selfie: Experience the convenience of a tripod coupled with wireless selfie capabilities. Compatible with both iOS and Android, this versatile accessory ensures seamless integration with your devices, offering flexibility for a variety of uses.

Small and Light Carry: Perfect for dining and travel, this selfie stick is designed for easy storage and portability. Its small and lightweight construction makes it a hassle-free companion, allowing you to capture moments on the go without adding bulk to your belongings.

Adjustable Angle: Explore creative possibilities with the 360° rotation clamp, enabling you to take dynamic selfie-photography or record videos for parties and events. Effortlessly rotate the stick head to find your preferred angle, supporting both horizontal and vertical shooting for maximum versatility.

Selfie Stick Captures memories with ease and style using the adjustable and portable features of this selfie stick – your ideal companion for on-the-go photography and videography.

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Introducing the Selfie Stick Phone Tripod—Your Ultimate Companion for Capturing Moments Anywhere!

Multi-Functional Design: Revolutionize your photography with the selfie stick phone tripod. Combining the functionality of a selfie stick, phone tripod, and phone stand, this innovative device is perfect for various scenarios, including travel, vlogging, live-streaming, and family photos. Embrace its multi-functional design, making it an essential accessory for photography enthusiasts.

Lightweight and Portable: Designed for on-the-go convenience, the selfie stick phone tripod is incredibly lightweight at just 270g and folds down to a compact 31cm. Its portable nature allows you to effortlessly pack it in your backpack, making it an ideal travel companion. Perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, or cycling, its compact size ensures it won’t weigh you down.

Durable and Sturdy: Crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy and PC plastic, the selfie stick phone tripod is built to withstand regular use, making it a durable and sturdy investment for photo and video enthusiasts. The quality materials guarantee a long lifespan, ensuring reliability for all your photography needs.

Adjustable Angles: Unleash your creativity with the selfie stick phone tripod’s wide range of adjustable angles. Featuring a 270° rotation, effortlessly switch between landscape and portrait mode, providing flexibility for diverse photography scenarios. The retractable rod, composed of 6 sections of aluminum alloy, extends up to 180cm, making it perfect for capturing large groups or expansive landscapes.

Hands-free Photos and Videos: Enjoy the freedom of hands-free photography and videography with the detachable wireless remote controller. Particularly useful in busy or crowded locations, set up the tripod, step away, and capture creative, professional-looking shots without the hassle of holding your phone.

LED Fill Lights with Three Modes: Enhance your image quality with the Selfie Stick Phone Tripod’s 2 rechargeable LED fill lights, offering three different modes – white light, soft light, and warm light. Achieve professional lighting, especially in low-light conditions, with adjustable intensity, giving you full control over your photography experience. Capture your moments with brilliance and clarity!

Elevate your photography journey with the Selfie Stick Phone Tripod—your all-in-one solution for unparalleled convenience and creativity!

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