Renata 1.55v Silver batteries – 321

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With a new Renata 1.55v Silver batteries, 1.55 V Silver Oxide, you can get your watch working again

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enata 1.55V Silver Batteries – 321: Powering Precision and Reliability

Elevate your electronic devices with Renata 1.55V Silver Batteries – 321, a powerhouse of energy meticulously crafted to deliver precision and reliability. These silver oxide batteries are designed for small, precision devices, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Let’s delve into the features that make these batteries an essential choice for your electronic needs.

High Voltage for Precision Devices:

Renata 1.55V Silver Batteries – 321 provide a high voltage output suitable for precision devices. The consistent and reliable power delivery makes them ideal for applications that demand accuracy, such as watches, calculators, and various medical devices. Experience precision in every operation with these specialized batteries.

Silver Oxide Chemistry:

The batteries leverage silver oxide chemistry, a choice that enhances their performance and longevity. Silver oxide batteries are known for their stable voltage output and low self-discharge rate. This chemistry ensures a longer lifespan for the batteries, making them dependable for devices that require sustained, reliable power.

Compact and Lightweight:

With a compact and lightweight design, these batteries are tailored for devices where size and weight matter. The 321 size is a standard for many small electronic devices, providing a power solution without adding unnecessary bulk. The sleek design ensures a seamless fit in your devices, maintaining the sleek profile without sacrificing performance.

Long-Lasting Power:

Renata batteries are synonymous with long-lasting power. The 1.55V output, coupled with the silver oxide chemistry, ensures that your devices receive a steady and reliable power supply. Enjoy extended usage without the constant need for battery replacements, giving you peace of mind and convenience.

Ideal for Watches and Specialty Devices:

The 321 size and 1.55V output make these batteries particularly well-suited for watches and specialty devices. Whether you have a classic timepiece or a specialized medical device, Renata 1.55V Silver Batteries – 321 provide the specific power requirements to keep these devices operating with precision.

Table of Specifications:

Specification Description
Battery Type Silver Oxide
Voltage 1.55V
Size 321
Chemistry Stable Silver Oxide
Design Compact and Lightweight
Ideal Applications Watches, Calculators, Medical Devices, Specialty Devices
Longevity Extended Lifespan

In conclusion, Renata 1.55V Silver Batteries – 321 are the epitome of power and reliability for precision electronic devices. With their high voltage, silver oxide chemistry, compact design, long-lasting power, and suitability for watches and specialty devices, these batteries are tailored to meet the specific needs of your devices. Choose Renata for a reliable power source that powers your devices with precision.


The Renata 1.55v Silver batteries offers the appropriate battery for any purpose, whether it be for a watch or other little gadget.

  • Voltage: 1.55 V
  • Mark: Renata
  • Battery number: 364
  • Type: Silver oxide
  • Battery capacity: 14.5 mAh
  • Height: 1.7 mm
  • Diameter: 6.8 mm

Additional information

Weight 0.003 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 cm


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